I choose to fire my work in a traditional wood fired anagama kiln. I fire up to ten days, allowing a buildup of ash that will create the surface on my work. There is no use of glazes. The colors come from the clay bodies I use, the atmosphere created in the kiln, and the amount of ash buildup throughout the process. I find influence in my surroundings, natural and industrial alike. Our existence in the natural environment can create both distraction and beauty. As an artist it is my responsibility to find inspiration from the world we live in today.

2004               started undergrad at Finlandia University; Hancock, Michigan

2006-07         study abroad at Kuopia Academy of Design; Kuopio Finland

2008               graduated with BFA in Ceramics

2009               studio potter & teaching at CCAC; Hancock, Michigan

2009-10         studio tech & teaching at Breckinridge Community Arts Center; Breckinridge, Colorado

7/10-9/10        assistant for Joe Bruhin; Fox, Arkansas

9/10-11/11        apprenticeship under Peter Callas; Belvedere, New Jersey

1/12-5/12        post baccalaureate study at Montana State University; Bozeman, MT

3/13-7/13        studio potter at Smoke Stack Pottery; Fort Collins, Colorado

9/13-10/15    resident & teaching at The Clay Studio of Missoula; Missoula, MT 

10/15-3/16      studio assistant for Hun Chung Lee; Yangpyeong, Korea