AKAR Gallery : 2015 Yunomi Invitational

Hey folks!  

I am honored to be showing my work alongside some absolutely great artists and colleagues for the 2015 Yunomi Invitational at AKAR Gallery.  

"What is a Yunomi?" you might ask?...it's basically a teacup, being taller than it is wide.  Traditionally used for drinking tea out of, these little teacups can also be used to drink any of your favorite beverages even if it isn't tea. I promise there aren't any yunomi police that will hunt you down.

 If you are interested in purchasing some great new yunomis for your collection, click here.

Also, please stay tuned for some new work that just came hot out of the kiln from the Clay Studio of Missoula 2015 Woodfire Invitational.


Source: https://www.akardesign.com/shows/index.asp...